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Why Direct Sales People Bother Us | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why Direct Sales People Bother Us

We’ve all received them. Those Facebook messages from a long-lost friend asking how we are doing in the first sentence, right before the next sentence not so subtly asks if we would be interested in (insert any direct sales company that is in existence today). Or a text from a friend asking if we would […]

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Mama's Breakup | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Mama’s Breakup

It felt like a breakup I had in high school. I thought things were great. You like one another, you exchange sweet notes, you may even sneak in a kiss or two in between classes. And then suddenly it’s over. And you are left feeling like you did something – everything – wrong. There is […]

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#MOMLIFE - A month's thoughts on a typical morning - Columbia SC Moms Blog


What goes through a mom’s mind on a typical morning… Lightly sleeping. Hears baby crying. Rolls over and looks at clock. “Oh my gosh, 5:30 in the morning? I’m so tired. How many times did I get up with <insert babies name>? I need coffee. Oh please God, did I buy creamer at the store […]

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A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere - Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere

My team of co-mom bloggers for Columbia SC Moms Blog got together recently to pose for a “Mom Bod” photo shoot, celebrating their beautiful bodacious bodies that have changed and altered themselves to fit their demanding roles as mama bears. I was unable to participate because I was attending a wedding in Charlotte, which was unfortunate […]

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Finding My “Village” in Columbia - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Finding My “Village” in Columbia

Bryan and I moved to Columbia from Charlotte in May 2014. Our daughter was six months old. We were leaving the only friend circle we knew (which was a group of awesome non-parents who, while incredibly supportive of our new role, were also slightly terrified on how to deal with us) and our families were […]

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