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5 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun - CSCMB

5 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun

Working outside of the home can be a difficult balance that creates stress, tension and a feeling of not being able to do anything fully and completely. But, intentionally bringing joy to the workplace is one way to make the workday go quicker. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.  I know you don’t need […]

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7 Adoption Books We Love - Columbia SC Moms Blog

7 Adoption Books We Love

When we became a family through adoption, we realized this new and exciting world did not contain many books that represented our new family. So we started an interesting search for children’s books that spoke about adoption, or represented what our new family looked like. To help with the search, I consulted my fellow adoptive moms […]

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Mom's Midlife Crisis - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Mom’s Midlife Crisis

I’ll admit it. I’m in the throes of a midlife crisis. Something happened when I turned 40 last month. I looked at my life and while I love it, I thought “technically it’s halftime in the Superbowl of life!” While I love my life, feel very blessed to be where I am and am grateful […]

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Hitting the Babysitter Jackpot - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Hitting the Babysitter Jackpot

The perfect family babysitter. Their names and identities are protected like people in the witness protection program because we don’t want our neighbor to “steal” them. If we could, we’d officially draft them onto our “team” with non-compete clauses. When they leave us, we take months and maybe even years to recover from the breakup. […]

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I let my son fail - Columbia SC Moms Blog

I Purposely Let My Son Fail

“Mommy, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” my son said to me. “I know you don’t, but you signed up for this tournament and I expect that you will follow through,” I replied. There, I had an important decision: save him from his own decisions and behavior or let him suffer the natural […]

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The Day I Lost My Sanity - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Day I Lost My Sanity

I wasn’t sleeping. I was getting yelled at, sweared at and hit at work as a teacher for middle schoolers with behavioral disorders. I would come home, on edge, to my two children (and our two foreign exchange students) and make lunches, dinner, give baths, complete unfinished paperwork and end my day by trying to […]

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