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One in Eight

I am one in eight. One out of every eight couples struggles with infertility. We are one of those one-in-eights. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at me or my home because my life revolves around taking care of our two children, homeschooling, shuttling them to various activities, and loving them to the moon and […]

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Teaching Our Kids to Apologize - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Teaching Our Kids to Apologize

It’s a phrase we say or hear a lot as parents, so much that I’m afraid it has lost its meaning. Say you’re sorry. Part of being a good parent is calling your kids on bad and mean behavior and teaching them to apologize, right? But what an apology means, and how you say it, varies […]

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Due Date That Wasn't - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Due Date That Wasn’t

This season, from January through March, is full of emotion for me. Our sunshine girl, our firstborn who preceded all of our losses, was born in January. January six years ago is also when I began having a series of medical issues that complicated an otherwise normal second pregnancy, which eventually led to the loss […]

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Why I Love Snow in the South - Columbia SC Moms Blog

18 Reasons Why I Love Snow in the South

I grew up mostly in New England and Ohio, where snow in the winter is common and no one got excited unless there was a big snowstorm, and “big” was defined as anything over a foot of snow. Moving to the South meant giving that up, I thought. My first January here, though, it snowed. […]

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Why I'm teaching my children cursive handwriting - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why I’m Teaching My Children Cursive

Because we homeschool, we have the privilege of deciding what our children are going to study and when. Some of that has been as straightforward as purchasing a basic math curriculum and running with it. In other ways, we have gone completely against the grain of modern education by choosing to pursue a classical education. […]

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