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Guide to Pumpkin Patches Around Columbia- Columbia SC Moms Blog

2016 Guide to Pumpkin Patches Around Columbia

Fall is my favorite time of year. I start thinking about all the things pumpkin spice as early as the end of July. This past August, I got a jump start on the season by making some delicious, healthy pumpkin dark chocolate chip muffins. Yum! Now that it is officially pumpkin season, I can’t wait to go back to […]

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Cell Phone Etiquette -14 Rules for Kids to Follow - CSCMB

Cell Phone Etiquette :: 14 Rules for Kids to Follow

In a world that is quickly losing the art of manners, it is important to teach your children how to handle themselves in all social situations, especially when it comes to phones and communication. When I was growing up in the 90s, my parents taught me telephone etiquette. I learned to answer the phone by saying “Hello, this is […]

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Family friendly Day Trip - Richardson's Lake - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Family-Fun Day Trip :: Richardson’s Lake Water Park and Outdoor Recreation Area

On a scorching hot Tuesday last July, my kids and I decided to head out of town and take a day trip to Richardson’s Lake Water Park and Outdoor Recreation Area. We had a blast! Located in Warrenville right near Aiken, it’s about an hour drive – perfect for a quick day trip! One of my friends […]

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The Day My Son Went Missing - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Afternoon My Son Went Missing

Moms aren’t perfect … and even better yet PEOPLE aren’t perfect. The mom shaming and people shaming on social media over the past few weeks is disheartening. I feel shocked and embarrassed at some of the comments I read. They truly are awful, and not always entirely accurate. I am especially reminded of this while following the news reports of the […]

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best bbq - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Columbia’s Guide to the Best Southern Barbeque

I love southern barbeque. I’m not talking about grilling out. I’m talking about boston butt covered in mustard based sauce. In the south we call pulled pork “barbeque.” So if a local says they want some barbeque that is what they are talking about! Some people use ketchup and vinegar as a base for their barbeque, but mustard is my […]

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Toddlerhood - Testing the Limits - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Toddlerhood :: Testing the Limits

I have an 11-year-old and a 22-month-old. Somehow, during the nine years between having my son and daughter, I forgot how challenging toddlerhood is. Just this morning my toddler climbed on the kitchen table, poured a cup of water all over the table and floor (thankfully it was just water), spat apple juice down my shirt […]

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