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15,000 Diapers and Counting

15,000 diapers.  That’s how many diapers one mom told me she had changed in her lifetime. 15,000! I polled a few friends and this estimate was certainly the funniest, especially since she added “this is gross.” I’m not sure that mom had done the math, but I believe her claim is closer to the truth […]

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The Power of a Pen Pal Project | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Power of a Pen Pal Project

It was recently Universal Letter Writing week, which had me wondering: Does anyone still take actual pen to paper? So I did what any tech dependent would, I posted my question on Facebook: Anyone out there have a Pen Pal? It turns out, they do! And I wish I did also. Merriam Webster defines a Pen […]

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Local Mother-Daughter Cancer Survivors Bring Waves of Hope - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Local Mother-Daughter Cancer Survivors Bring “Waves of Hope”

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Northwestern Mutual to bring our readers the following post. Seven-year-old Edie Gilger greeted me with a smile and a confident handshake when we met. Her poise was befitting of our interview setting, the Sims-Stackhouse Mansion in downtown Columbia, SC. And as her family and I made […]

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The Boy Who Hated Make Believe - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Boy Who Hated Make Believe

I make that sympathetic face when you tell me that your child discovered the great truth this Christmas. But, inside, I’m really not feeling it. You had your fun for much longer than I did. And no one’s out there giving me any of those sweet AWWWW, I’m right there with you expressions. I never […]

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5 Things I Love About Living in West Columbia - Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Things I Love About Living in West Columbia

I’m a glutton for research. So when my husband got the job out near the Congaree Swamp and that agent started driving me around the Midlands, I freaked out at the number of options. I’d lived in the state my entire life, but had never really discovered Columbia. What if I didn’t choose the most […]

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Why I said NO to the Tickle Monster

Why I Said No to the Tickle Monster

He showed up at our house within a few months after our son was born. The Tickle Monster. This unknown persona would suddenly overtake my husband and I’d become third wheel as the two of them, father and son, enjoyed (?) this activity (?) together. That usually unresponsive to daddy lump of flesh would become expressive […]

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