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5 Things I Love About Living in West Columbia - Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Things I Love About Living in West Columbia

I’m a glutton for research. So when my husband got the job out near the Congaree Swamp and that agent started driving me around the Midlands, I freaked out at the number of options. I’d lived in the state my entire life, but had never really discovered Columbia. What if I didn’t choose the most […]

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Why I said NO to the Tickle Monster

Why I Said No to the Tickle Monster

He showed up at our house within a few months after our son was born. The Tickle Monster. This unknown persona would suddenly overtake my husband and I’d become third wheel as the two of them, father and son, enjoyed (?) this activity (?) together. That usually unresponsive to daddy lump of flesh would become expressive […]

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Taming Your Little Diva - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Taming Your Little DIVA

“Look at the little diva,” I heard a stranger say. Others laughed and nodded as the little girl twirled around to the background music playing over the speakers at the restaurant. The adults were crammed into the benches near the hostess stand waiting for their buzzer to announce a table was ready, and there she […]

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The Year With a Valentine - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Year Without a Valentine

I’m experiencing fourth grade at a new school through the eyes of my 10-year-old boy. And it isn’t always pretty. He’s feeling Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing most days when he rolls into the passenger seat in afternoon car line. I try logic. As in, “They say you’re disgusting? Why? Your breath doesn’t stink. Your clothes […]

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