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A Mom's Approach to the Cash System - Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Mom’s Approach to the Cash System

When out shopping and asked, “Debit or credit?,” we respond “cash.” When asked, “Would you like to open a store credit card?,” we respond “no thanks, we don’t use credit cards.” Yes, we are a cash system family. Over the past nine years, we have operated on a cash only system for our daily expenses. […]

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Better You Than Me

I knew it was about to happen again. I could feel eyes staring at me. It’s as if I have this Matrix like ability to predict what will occur within minutes of this feeling. As I casually picked through the produce at the grocery store with my kids, I felt eyes piercing me. Then, I saw her. The […]

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Father-You're Best Role - CSCMB

Father, Your Best Title

There are moments that will never leave my heart. Moments like when I told you we were expecting our first child. Then, when you cared for me as my head hung in a toilet plagued with nausea. Or the first ultrasound when you saw your son in his earliest stages of life. Or the first time you felt his […]

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Two Things I Want to Say to the Mom of a Child with Special Needs - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Two Things I Want to Say to the Mom of a Child with Special Needs

For eleven years I worked as a Speech Pathologist in numerous settings. Most of my years in this profession were with the pediatric population. Some of these precious children were born with a birth defect or disease and some experienced a horrific accident causing a brain injury. Often times, I was immersed in the tragedy and difficult time in […]

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