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5 Tips for a Tear-Free Daycare Drop-Off | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Tips for a Tear-Free Daycare Drop-Off

Oh the dreaded daycare drop off. One minute, they’re just little babies who are fine being loved on by whoever is providing their food. The next, they are toddlers with personalities and preferences who have learned how to say, “No!”  I love this stage. My little is learning new words and how to do new […]

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New Year, Same Me | Columbia SC Moms Blog

New Year, Same Me

Oh, New Year. The time to change yourself for the better and turn over a new leaf. Time to make those resolutions and actually follow through with them this year.  I do it every year. I tell myself I’ll workout more, stress out less, and give up my bad habits. I’ll be a better friend, […]

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Ode to the First Tantrum - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Ode to the First Tantrum

A writer from a sister site wrote a lovely ode to the wonderful world of 15-month olds. We have just entered that special age, and with it came the very first tantrum. Don’t get me wrong, everything about this age is amazing. The new words, the adventurous spirit, the laughs and little personality. I wouldn’t trade […]

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Losing My “Cool” Mom Status

I used to have no trouble being the hip mom. I thought my younger stepmom status gave me cool points automatically. I dressed trendy, I listened to Top 40 music, I knew who the Kardashians were, and I could hold my own with social media things. But now that I have two teenagers AND a one year […]

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