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Don't Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise - Columbia SC Moms Blog

You are Beautiful – And Don’t Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise

Most moms struggle to feel confident and beautiful. Oh, they may catch a glimpse of those feelings every now and then. But they spend a lot of time feeling inadequate and unattractive – as if they don’t quite measure up. And the current election cycle has done nothing to help. Thanks to never-ending media coverage, […]

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Talking With Kids About Fat ... It's Not a Dirty Word - CSCMB

Talking With Kids About Fat … It’s Not a Dirty Word

“Mom, you have a fat belly.” “Mama, are your arms fat?” “Your belly is jiggly fat, mommy.” “Why is your tummy fat?” “You’re fat, so you must be full, right, Mom?” These are all things my children have said to me at some point. Before you go thinking that I must have the rudest, most insensitive […]

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How to Train Your Hair - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Train Your Hair

This is like a slightly less-sanitary version of How to Train Your Dragon that is probably a little more realistic and will change your life. Not that owning and training a dragon wouldn’t, but let’s be honest … if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you don’t have time for a dragon, am I […]

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Should I Wash My Hair - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Should I Wash My Hair?

Y’all. The struggle is real. Should I wash my hair? Should YOU wash YOUR hair? Do you remember back when you were a complete zombie, after your precious baby was born? You went days, weeks {maybe?!} without washing your beautiful locks. And somehow, you looked radiant. At least I did. Everyone told me I looked […]

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The Latest Fashions at Your Fingertips – Lundy’s Boutique {Giveaway Included!}

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Lundy’s Boutique to bring our readers the following post. All opinions are our own. Introducing an easy way to shop for the latest fashions! Shop local, save big, and win a $100 gift certificate! Lundy’s Boutique, based in Lexington, prides itself on offering clients with a vast variety of chic and elegant […]

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