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How I Became a Mother :: Two on Earth and Three in Heaven

Columbia SC Moms Blog is bringing you its latest series titled “How I Became a Mother” in honor of Mother’s Day. Each of us has experienced a unique journey into motherhood. Some of us have struggled with infertility while others have relied on faith and science. Some started their families early, while others didn’t begin […]

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Life’s Last Great Mystery!

Neither my husband nor myself is an only child. We are both the older sibling to a younger brother, and when we discussed having a family, there was never a question about having more than one child. We never talked about how many we wanted, but we were certain we’d have at least two. I […]

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Why Babywear?

I admit it: “babywearing” is a ridiculous term. You can thank Dr. Sears for the awkward portmanteau, which basically means “strapping your kid to yourself so you have free hands,” but makes your baby sound like a trendy pair of jeans. And babywearing is nothing if not trendy. Tabloids regularly publish pictures of stars with […]

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Siblings…The Good Stuff!

So you’re expecting! Great! Except its not your first. You’re due with baby 2. It’s supposed to be a time of joy and excitement, except all you keep hearing is: “It’s going to be tough juggling the responsibilities of more than one child!” “You’re oldest will be so jealous!” “Now you’ll NEVER be able to […]

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