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The Waiting Room - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Waiting Room

Dear mom in the waiting room, I see you sitting there. I see the nervous way you fold and unfold your hands. The way you keep glancing at the time. You brought a bag of stuff to keep you occupied, but it goes untouched. At long last you pull out the book you brought, but […]

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Talking With Kids About Fat ... It's Not a Dirty Word - CSCMB

Talking With Kids About Fat … It’s Not a Dirty Word

“Mom, you have a fat belly.” “Mama, are your arms fat?” “Your belly is jiggly fat, mommy.” “Why is your tummy fat?” “You’re fat, so you must be full, right, Mom?” These are all things my children have said to me at some point. Before you go thinking that I must have the rudest, most insensitive […]

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Trying to be a Fit Mom - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Trying To Be A Fit Mom

As I typed the title of this blog post, I googled “Fit Mom” and an array of websites and pictures popped up in my results. All of course, making me feel LESS fit than ever. I don’t even know how these women with their stair-step children, have 6-packs. They cannot be real-life moms. {Y’all know […]

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Gamechanger - Discovering Bodyshop Athletics X and Meeting Fitness Goals with Family- Columbia SC Moms Blog

Gamechanger :: Discovering Bodyshop Athletics X

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Bodyshop Athletics X to bring our readers the following post. All opinions are entirely our own. I decided to get my FIRST EVER gym membership last year. I needed cardio in my life and I really wanted to familiarize myself with an amateur weight routine. My goals […]

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Quick and healthy family dinners

No Recipe Required :: 5 Quick and Healthy Dinners for Your Busiest Days

Does this sound familiar? You’ve decided to improve your family’s diet, and have committed to cooking healthy dinners at home most days of the week. You’ve planned, you’ve shopped – maybe you’ve even prepped some ingredients for the week. Everything’s going great, and then you run into – life. One of the kids has a […]

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