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hosting a nutrious and fun birthday party

Hosting a Nutritious (and Fun!) Birthday Party

In an effort to reduce unrefined sugar and dyes so prevalent at birthday parties, we tried some alternative sweets. While I do appreciate the celebratory sentiment behind serving sweets kids’ birthday parties, I wondered if we could stray away from unrefined sugars. This is in an effort to teach my kids how to minimize habits that contribute to […]

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breakfast picky

Creative Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Picky Eater

Are you the proud mama of a picky eater? Are the only foods they want to eat fried or an unnatural color? Fear not, the following recipes have been verified as “delicious” by my three picky-eating sons! You CAN successfully sneak in superfoods throughout the day – even with breakfast! Below are my top 3 sneaky […]

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healthy snacks

Healthy Sneaky Snacks for the Picky Eater

If your kids are anything like mine, it can be tough to get them to eat healthy – especially snacks!  Over time I’ve tried several different nutritious recipes to find things my children will willingly eat. Below are my top 4 sneaky snacks for the picky eater! “Applesauce” Smoothie (or “Superman Smoothie”) Ingredients Apple Banana […]

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st patricks

Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day!

The time is once again upon us to don our festive green and drink our Shamrock Milkshakes; St. Patrick’s day is here! It seems everyone gets into the spirit, and whether you have a “Touch of the Irish” in your bloodline or not, you and your family can easily enjoy one of the quintessential St. […]

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