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Take an Education Vacation - Go Around the World without Leaving Your Zip Code - Columbia SC Moms Blog - Calvert Academy

Take an Education Vacation :: Go Around the World Without Leaving Your Zip Code

Note:  This post is sponsored by and written in collaboration with South Carolina Calvert Academy. Have you ever thought of traveling around the world and back in one summer? It can be done for a very minimal cost and be educational for your family too! Each summer, my daughters pick a different country “to visit.” […]

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Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps Around Columbia and the Midlands 2016 - Columbia SC Moms Blog

2016 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in and Around Columbia

Disclosure :: this is a compilation of our featured summer camp sponsors in and around the Midlands. A comprehensive alphabetical list of summer camps in and around the Midlands can be found HERE. Would you like to have your summer camp added to this post? Please contact [email protected] com for more information. 2016 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp in […]

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The Year With a Valentine - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Year Without a Valentine

I’m experiencing fourth grade at a new school through the eyes of my 10-year-old boy. And it isn’t always pretty. He’s feeling Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing most days when he rolls into the passenger seat in afternoon car line. I try logic. As in, “They say you’re disgusting? Why? Your breath doesn’t stink. Your clothes […]

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How Boy Scouts Helped My Son With ADHD - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How Boy Scouts Helped My Child With ADHD

My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was in kindergarten. Looking back, I wish I would have explored other holistic routes first rather than choosing medication. As a young, 20-year-old parent, I did exactly what his pediatrician recommended. Flash forward 5 years and he is still on medication. We tried taking […]

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Virtual Learning Opens Doors - Columbia SC Moms Blog

7 Ways Virtual Learning Opens Doors

Have you ever wondered how virtual learning can impact your family’s life in a positive way? Many families are enjoying their decision to delve into virtual learning. Flexibility, support, and vigorous curriculum are just a few of the many positive outcomes of this exciting alternative. 1. Customized Program Virtual schools are able to offer students […]

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