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#MOMLIFE - A month's thoughts on a typical morning - Columbia SC Moms Blog


What goes through a mom’s mind on a typical morning… Lightly sleeping. Hears baby crying. Rolls over and looks at clock. “Oh my gosh, 5:30 in the morning? I’m so tired. How many times did I get up with <insert babies name>? I need coffee. Oh please God, did I buy creamer at the store […]

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The Unexpected Way I Increased Gratitude in My Home - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Unexpected Way I Increased Gratitude in My Home

A few months ago my family was in the midst of several transitions. I began to notice a lot of grumbling, complaining, eye rolling, sighing, whining, etc. from my children. These less than appealing behaviors started my journey to increase my children’s gratitude and appreciation, thus decreasing their continuous moaning and groaning. I came across a […]

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Weekend Events for Kids {Nov. 4-6}

Weekend Events for Kids {Nov. 4-6}

Find out what activities and events are happening around the Columbia area for kids the weekend of Nov. 4 -6, 2016! Friday, November 4, 2016               Homeschool Friday: Fort Jackson and Columbia Fort Jackson is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year! In honor of Veterans Day, which falls on November 11th, students will explore Columbia’s military history and […]

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Dear Parents of Boys - CSCMB

Dear Parents of Boys

Dear Parents of Boys, My husband and I are raising two daughters. They are beautiful, smart, sweet, strong, and independent. And soon enough your boys will be interacting with our girls. We’re trying our best to raise these two little princesses to stand on their own, to be fearless warriors. We want to give them […]

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