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Where Did My Baby Go? | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Where Did My Baby Go?

I opened my Facebook account and up popped a photo memory from two years ago. My baby boy was bald with a big smile, lying on his changing table, grabbing onto and fascinated with his feet. He found them, and I seized the moment with a picture. The backs of his drum-stick thighs faced up […]

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Teaching Our Kids to Apologize - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Teaching Our Kids to Apologize

It’s a phrase we say or hear a lot as parents, so much that I’m afraid it has lost its meaning. Say you’re sorry. Part of being a good parent is calling your kids on bad and mean behavior and teaching them to apologize, right? But what an apology means, and how you say it, varies […]

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The Year With a Valentine - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Year Without a Valentine

I’m experiencing fourth grade at a new school through the eyes of my 10-year-old boy. And it isn’t always pretty. He’s feeling Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing most days when he rolls into the passenger seat in afternoon car line. I try logic. As in, “They say you’re disgusting? Why? Your breath doesn’t stink. Your clothes […]

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blink of an eye

In The Blink of An Eye

I’m sure you’ve all heard it at some point or another: “They grow up so fast!” “Enjoy them while you can!” “Don’t blink! They’ll be grown!” I remember almost rolling my eyes when I’d hear this from so many well-meaning people as I strolled along with baby in tow. They would lean in, ooohhhh and […]

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