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15,000 Diapers and Counting

15,000 diapers.  That’s how many diapers one mom told me she had changed in her lifetime. 15,000! I polled a few friends and this estimate was certainly the funniest, especially since she added “this is gross.” I’m not sure that mom had done the math, but I believe her claim is closer to the truth […]

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#1 mom {Yes, You!} | Columbia SC Moms Blog

#1 Mom {Yes, You!}

Sometimes I am an amazing mom. I have deep and meaningful conversations with my girls, my baby eats well-balanced meals and has no screen time, and I am an adventurous and fun wife. And other times I communicate with my girls via text and emojis, my little dude has Cheetos and Jeopardy for dinner, and […]

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I Failed at Being a Crunchy Mom | Columbia SC Moms Blog

I Failed at Being a Crunchy Mom

There are tons of labels for moms these days: fit mom, crunchy mom, helicopter mom, the list goes on. I already settled into my role as a fit mom, if for no other reason than I love health and fitness … and well … it just kind of happened. At some point, I decided to […]

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