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Social media

Navigating the Murky Waters of Social Media

I have heard several friends say, or even post on social media, “remember when Facebook/Instagram/Twitter was all about posting pictures of your kids or a new puppy?” Sure, there has always been the occasional post that incited drama, or the picture perfect “fakebook” image, or even the classic “vague-booking” when a bestie shared just enough […]

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mother and child | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Listen With Your Eyes

It was a normal, crazy moment in a normal, crazy day. It was afternoon, and my mind was on the dinner I hadn’t planned yet and the baths that needed to be done. I was also trying to steal a second for myself to finish reading an email or responding to a message or something […]

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Words Matter ::13 Reasons Why | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Words Matter :: 13 Reasons Why

There is a lot of talk right now about 13 Reasons Why, the made-for-Netflix series based on Jay Asher’s young adult novel that was published ten years ago. The story delves into the 13 reasons why teenage Hannah Baker ultimately kills herself. (That’s not a spoiler alert; you find out she’s dead from the back […]

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A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere - Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere

My team of co-mom bloggers for Columbia SC Moms Blog got together recently to pose for a “Mom Bod” photo shoot, celebrating their beautiful bodacious bodies that have changed and altered themselves to fit their demanding roles as mama bears. I was unable to participate because I was attending a wedding in Charlotte, which was unfortunate […]

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