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5 Reasons Why I Love Having a Threenager | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Reasons Why I Love Having a Threenager

A “threenager” is a child who is three years old and acts like a little teenager. I have two teenagers and a three-year-old and their behaviors are all very similar. Que the sass, talking back, and sneakiness. Three has been much more challenging than age two. The terrible twos have nothing on a threenager. Three-year-old’s […]

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Realistic Toddler Affirmations | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Realistic Toddler Affirmations

Do you remember seeing that viral video of a little girl shouting affirmations to herself in the mirror? If you missed it, take 50 seconds to watch because it’s kind of important to this article:  There are many benefits to using affirmations. Saying positive affirmations daily helps you focus on positive things over negative. Throughout […]

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Do You Suffer From Flu-Phobia?

FLU.  It is literally EVERYWHERE. I cannot open the newspaper (yes, we still get a print newspaper) without reading a headline about the number of flu cases and how they are the highest they have ever been and hospitals are full and drug stores are out of medicine. I cannot scroll through my Facebook feed […]

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A Letter to My Teen Daughters

A Letter to (my) Teen Daughters

Dear daughters, I know you are no longer little girls with multiple ponytails and barrettes and carrying around your “lovey.”  But that is often what I still see. Glimpses of those little babies, but also so much more as you get older. I can’t even express how proud I am of how you’re navigating challenging situations and how grown you […]

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Guarding Your Teen’s Heart this Valentine’s Day | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Guarding Your Teen’s Heart This Valentine’s Day

For most, Valentine’s Day is a day love. A day to celebrate that love through an act of appreciation to or from the one you love. Appreciation is usually illustrated in the form of hand written notes, boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, and balloons.  For elementary aged children, Valentine’s Day is a cute celebration of […]

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The Grown-Up Version of Valentine's Day | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Grown-Up Version of Valentine’s Day

Most of us stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day around the time we graduated from high school, although there were a few college age girls that still receive red roses delivered to their dorms. Valentine’s Day is for kids, right? Cute little cards and sugary sweetheart candy, delivered to every kid in the class. This year, why […]

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