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How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife

You’re burned out. The kids called your name about 3 trillion times in the last four days. Your husband, as sweet as he is, continues to load the dishwasher haphazardly wasting resources. The job is driving you nuts. You still have soccer games, that second job, and two kids’ birthday parties in the same day. […]

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Healing in Motherhood | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Healing in Motherhood

Cupping. It’s a technique some athletes use to improve the rate of recovery after training. It leaves red, circular spots on their skin due to the strong suction. In some cases, it can leave pretty substantial bruising. Reportedly, these marks can last several weeks, so it’s obviously a painful process. I feel like I should have […]

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cleopatra- Columbia City Ballet - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Travel Back to Ancient Times :: The Columbia City Ballet Presents Cleopatra

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Columbia City Ballet to bring our readers the following post.The epic story of Cleopatra will return to the Koger Center for one day only on March 24 with two captivating performances. Ballerina, Regina Willoughby will star as the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, in her retirement performance following […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Columbia's Theatre Scene | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Columbia’s Theatre Scene

Think Columbia doesn’t have enough culture and entertainment to offer? Think again. We have a large number of theatres for a city this size and they are all wonderful! Here’s your guide to family-friendly theatre and beyond in Columbia. Columbia Children’s Theatre Founded in May of 2005, they are the Midlands’ premiere theatre for families […]

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You Know You Are in Your 1st Trimester When… | Columbia SC Moms Blog

You Know You Are in Your 1st Trimester When…

The first trimester of pregnancy is well-known for symptoms of fatigue, nausea, increased urination, and breast tenderness. But how do these symptoms really affect women’s day to day lives? I crowdsourced and asked my family and friends to complete the following sentence: “You know you are in your 1st trimester when…” Here are some of […]

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