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BUY ME THAT! – And so it begins… | Columbia SC Moms Blog

BUY ME THAT! – And so it Begins…

I used to teach a class at USC called “Using Information Resources.” One of the topics I covered was Media Literacy. My students all hoped to be future classroom teachers, so in this particular lesson, I focused on advertisements and pop-up ads that are found on television during children’s programming and in magazines, comic books, […]

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Please Don't Touch My Child's Pacifier | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Please Don’t Touch My Child’s Pacifier

Hello, I want to start this conversation by thanking you for your interest in my child. Clearly, you have ideas about how children are best raised and you only want the best for my child. However, I am going to have to politely ask that you NEVER touch his pacifier.  I promise I’m not an […]

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self defense

5 Self Defense Tips to Teach Your Children

I recently took a self- defense class with my college students. As much as we do not want to think about needing to take a self-defense class, things happen. Just last summer a Midlands Tech student was kidnapped right here in Columbia. Recently, a man posing as an Uber driver assaulted USC students near campus.  […]

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