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5 Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Learning | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Learning

For most children, summertime is a welcomed reprieve. It’s a time for pools, splash pads, parks, barbeques, and summer vacations! With all that excitement the last thing children may want to think about is summer learning. But, summer learning doesn’t have to be a drag. There are ways to make learning fun to help decrease the summer […]

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A Love Letter to Our First Born | Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Love Letter to My First Born

Dear Caroline, I write this letter to future you. By the time you’re old enough to understand, you probably won’t even remember much of what life is like right this moment. You probably won’t remember the wonderful chaos of being a toddler and having a baby brother at the same time. You probably won’t remember […]

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empty nest

Summertime Empty Nester :: How to Cope When Your Kids Are Away

As a divorced mother of two elementary age children, my nest is empty in the summer. The first few weeks the kids are with their father and his family, it’s quiet. At first I don’t enjoy my free time because I miss them and feel lost. But by the second or third week I feel more adjusted and change my perspective. Even though I still miss them, I can see the silver […]

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The Day We Picked Our Kids Future Parents

The Day We Picked Our Kids Future Parents

According to the Center for Family Policy and Research, .1% of the children in the US are without parents due to illness, death, disability, incarceration, or other problems. Because there is no government agency tracking the children that transition into a new legal guardianship after the loss of their parents, there is no clear data […]

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