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5 Easy Ways to Engage Kids in Random Acts of Kindness Week

5 Easy Ways to Engage Kids in Random Acts of Kindness Week | Columbia SC Moms Blog“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” wrote Mark Twain. One of the most important things we try to teach our kids is the ability to be be kind to others.

This week, Random Act of Kindness Week, brings kindness to the forefront of our collective maternal consciousness. While any day is a good day, a special effort to do something kind this week will inspire and encourage others. Here are five ideas to engage your kids in random acts of kindness.

1. Address Those Extra Valentine’s Day Cards

My kids have at least 5 or 6 Valentine’s Day cards leftover as they didn’t need all of them for their classmates. Fill out the extra Valentines for your local public servants to show your appreciation and deliver them. They will be grateful the gesture and the kids will likely enjoy delivering them just as much!

2. Show Some Animal Love

Random Acts of Kindness aren’t just for people, we can show some love to the animals, too! Help your kids make a birdfeeder and take care of mother nature’s natural chorus.

3. Donate Extra Toys and Clothes

We are a culture of excess. Most of us have too many “things.” Why not turn your good deed into something that will bring order and organization to your home. Sorting through outgrown clothes and unused toys not only benefits children who do not have these things, it is environmentally friendly as well. Re-purposing and reusing clothes and toys helps keep new plastics out of the environment and reduces space in landfills. Plus, it will make another child who receives the items extremely happy. Win-win!

4. Give Old Children’s Books to Your Local Lending Library

While you are getting rid of extra toys and clothes, sort through old children’s book and place them in your local lending library. These days, many neighborhoods and public places have small lending libraries where kids can leave and take books. Many times, reading enthusiasts forget to replenish the supply once they have borrowed a book. Keep the love of reading alive by placing used books in your local lending library.

5. Leave Post-It Notes Around Town

Families are busy … running to school, from school, to the store, to after-school programs, to church. Have your kids hone their writing skills by jotting down kind words and phrases to leave a trail of smiles around town.

Even though this week is #randomactsofkindnessweek, any week is a good time to be a good community member. Teaching kids to be kind happens every week but we can maximize the impact of kind acts this week.

What kind of random acts of kindness do you like to do with your kids?

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