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A Flood of Love for my Daughter

I struggled with what to say to my daughter after the flooding in Columbia. She was nine months old when Hurricane Sandy ravaged Lindenhurst, NY, where we lived and were left without power for three weeks or clean water at our home. We stayed at my parents house then, because without power, we had no heat […]

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10 Alternative Treats for Halloween

As someone who has struggled with weight the past few years, the major candy holidays (Halloween, Christmas and Easter) are difficult for me. Therefore, I try to not keep a lot of candy in the house. If it’s not here, I can’t eat it. “What about the trick-or-treaters?” you ask. Well, I’m not a total scrooge! I give […]

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Host Mom :: What to Expect and Helpful Tips for Hosting an Exchange Student

Two short weeks ago, a friend, Shena, who is a representative for the International Student Exchange, messaged me asking, “I have a weird question for you, but have you ever thought about being a host family for an International Student Exchange (ISE) student?” I was very interested, but I knew that opening up our home […]

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Blueberry Cheddar Fondue

Summer is upon us, and it’s berry season. The grocery stores and farmers markets have their shelves lined with fresh produce just waiting to be gobbled up by children and families alike. While berries are delicious on their own, it is also fun to add them into your cooking — whether it be a tried […]

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Signs You Are Living with a Threenager

My daughter, Lucie, can be the most adorable, loving, polite, and caring child I have ever met. Beware if you cross her, though — you will face the wrath of an age that strikes fear into moms everywhere: threenager-dom! What is a threenager, you ask? It means my daughter’s actual age is three, but she believes […]

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Making the Most of a Southern Snow Day

While the northern half of the United States has been blanketed with snow this winter, South Carolina keeps escaping unscathed. Some reports said we’d have snow flurries or freezing rain Wednesday afternoon, but the white stuff never materialized. Still, there’s nothing like being prepared — and there’s still plenty of time left in winter for snow to […]

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