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If you haven’t been introduced to the book, Girl, Wash Your Face, written by Ms. Rachel Hollis, please allow me. I read this book in April of this year at a time when I was feeling mommed-out. (Only moms can understand the term, but if you are reading this as a first-time expectant mom I […]

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Sad Woman School Shooting

I’m Just Going to Say It…

In light of the last week’s events of yet another horrific school shooting, I have been afraid of making any kind of statements that could be translated as politically correct or not. But as a woman who is enrolling her oldest in the public school environment this year, I now feel the fear that so […]

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The Grown-Up Version of Valentine's Day | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Grown-Up Version of Valentine’s Day

Most of us stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day around the time we graduated from high school, although there were a few college age girls that still receive red roses delivered to their dorms. Valentine’s Day is for kids, right? Cute little cards and sugary sweetheart candy, delivered to every kid in the class. This year, why […]

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Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas? | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas?

I remember the days when the house phone would ring. My mom would answer it and spend the next several minutes pacing back and forth in the kitchen (that phone had the longest cord in the house) chatting with her close friend about all the latest gossip and news of the community. Nowadays, we click […]

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