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#MOMLIFE - A month's thoughts on a typical morning - Columbia SC Moms Blog


What goes through a mom’s mind on a typical morning… Lightly sleeping. Hears baby crying. Rolls over and looks at clock. “Oh my gosh, 5:30 in the morning? I’m so tired. How many times did I get up with <insert babies name>? I need coffee. Oh please God, did I buy creamer at the store […]

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A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere - Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Celebration of Mom Bods Everywhere

My team of co-mom bloggers for Columbia SC Moms Blog got together recently to pose for a “Mom Bod” photo shoot, celebrating their beautiful bodacious bodies that have changed and altered themselves to fit their demanding roles as mama bears. I was unable to participate because I was attending a wedding in Charlotte, which was unfortunate […]

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Finding My “Village” in Columbia - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Finding My “Village” in Columbia

Bryan and I moved to Columbia from Charlotte in May 2014. Our daughter was six months old. We were leaving the only friend circle we knew (which was a group of awesome non-parents who, while incredibly supportive of our new role, were also slightly terrified on how to deal with us) and our families were […]

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Nice to Meet You I'm Mom Guilt - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Nice to Meet You, I’m MOM GUILT

MOM GUILT didn’t come on my social radar until I became a mother. I was a carefree 31-year-old woman with a solid career, a great apartment, a wonderful support network of friends and a loving partner. I shopped for things when I wanted to, buying what I liked as opposed to what I “needed,” treated myself regularly […]

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Why Push Presents Aren't Stupid - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why Push Presents Aren’t Stupid

As someone who is a fan of push presents and the well-intentioned meaning behind the gesture, I was taken aback by a recent blog post claiming push presents are stupid. In fact, I had to read it a few times to understand exactly what her distaste was. Hear me out … I was blessed and […]

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