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Non-Violent Mama - Taking Care of Your Self - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Non-Violent Mama :: Taking Care of Your Self

Childrearing has come a long way. The fear-based punishment of past has turned into teaching discipline and respect. But this is not about punishment or discipline. You know her, maybe you are her … the once vibrant, interesting, clever lady who had kids, and became boring. There are a lot of “hers” so it feels safe to release […]

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Hip Mamas Day Gifts - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Hip Mama’s Day Gifts :: All Local Edition

Mother’s Day is a truly beautiful manufactured holiday. It’s a day that celebrates mommyhood in all it’s poop-covered glory. Us mamas love the handcrafted gifts from the kiddos, and while our happiness should never be attached to something as silly as a present, a great gift sure helps us feel special on our day. Gift-giving is not my […]

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Road Trip Packing: Lessons in Space - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Road Trip Packing :: Lessons in Space

Traveling from South Carolina to Texas with an 8-month-old and a 3-year-old is daunting enough, but when you’re a Prius driver, things get trickier. I made the upgrade to the Prius V last year, but compared to popular mommy-mobiles, there is one thing I am still missing – SPACE. Looking at our mountain of stuff compared to our efficient […]

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