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Why I Dread "The Talk ... About Slavery" | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why I Dread “The Talk … About Slavery”

I hesitated to write this entry because it’s a truly vulnerable piece. Please bare with me. The truth is, as a person who tries to think of mostly positive things, it’s difficult to “go there”; slavery, racism, bigotry, and prejudice notions are all ugly things. If you haven’t noticed, it’s only recently become alright to […]

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Ask Me First! | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Ask Me First!

It’s come to my attention that not every parent raises their kids the way I do. This isn’t a bad thing. After all, the diversity in opinions, the uniqueness of ideas, the variety of life hacks is what makes this whole parenting thing fun … bearable? Well, it can also make things that much more […]

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