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The Best Free (and Almost Free) Activities for Kids in Columbia

The Best FREE (and almost free) Summer Activities for Kids in Columbia

The last school bell’s finally rung, the last mad morning rush has passed, the bookbags are hung up til August. It’s 99 degrees with 99% humidity. Summer’s finally here, and it’s still awesome – those golden weeks before the boredom sets in, before you’re climbing the walls and counting the days til school starts. Keep […]

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breastfeeding cover

Breastfeeding :: Sometimes It’s Easy, Sometimes It’s Not

I was ready for everything to go wrong. When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I knew I wanted to nurse. I wanted to nurse in that formula-is-poison, I’m-an-obnoxious-first-time-hippie-mama-and-the-baby-hasn’t-even-come-out sort of way. And since I’d recently ditched my Ph.D. program, I was darn well going to get an A in breastfeeding. […]

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cinco de mayo

Creative Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Columbia with Kids

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which, if you remember your Sesame Street Spanish, means “the 5th of May”. No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo began to commemorate the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862, but it’s become a general holiday to celebrate All Things Mexican. Because a) Latin American […]

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Why Babywear?

I admit it: “babywearing” is a ridiculous term. You can thank Dr. Sears for the awkward portmanteau, which basically means “strapping your kid to yourself so you have free hands,” but makes your baby sound like a trendy pair of jeans. And babywearing is nothing if not trendy. Tabloids regularly publish pictures of stars with […]

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15 Fun Facts About Riverbanks Zoo

Let’s be honest: Riverbanks Zoo just might be one of the best reasons to live in Columbia. Very few mid-sized cities can boast zoos to match Riverbanks’ visitor experience  – gorillas! zip lines! a full-size aquarium! In honor of the zoo’s 40th birthday celebration, here’s 15 fun facts to know about the zoo’s coolest residents. 1. You […]

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