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The Good Stuff

I realize I’m in a weird transition period of my life. A moment when I look back and don’t see the anger or pain or troubles of my past. Instead, I see the beautiful moments. The moments that make everything about life worth living. And as I reminisce on these moments, I beg for just […]

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Saving My Marriage

This is a very difficult post for me to write. Not just to write but to put the out there for the world to see. This post is me admitting to a huge flaw in my personality that I had to overcome to change the path my marriage was heading down. A few years ago, […]

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I Failed at Being a Crunchy Mom | Columbia SC Moms Blog

I Failed at Being a Crunchy Mom

There are tons of labels for moms these days: fit mom, crunchy mom, helicopter mom, the list goes on. I already settled into my role as a fit mom, if for no other reason than I love health and fitness … and well … it just kind of happened. At some point, I decided to […]

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The Hard Part of Moving Away

The Hard Part of Moving Away

It wasn’t an easy decision to move states away from my hometown — my family, my friends, my life. But my husband and I were content to try something new and spread our wings. There were a lot of great things about South Carolina, right? Though we wouldn’t change our decision, within the first six months after moving […]

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Dear Parents of Boys - CSCMB

Dear Parents of Boys

Dear Parents of Boys, My husband and I are raising two daughters. They are beautiful, smart, sweet, strong, and independent. And soon enough your boys will be interacting with our girls. We’re trying our best to raise these two little princesses to stand on their own, to be fearless warriors. We want to give them […]

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