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4 Must-See Small Parks in the Midlands - Columbia SC Moms Blog

4 Must-See Small Parks in the Midlands

The Midlands offer a wide variety of parks; small to large, bustling to peaceful, traditional to unique, urban, suburban, and rural/wooded. Below is a list of some of my personal favorite small, neighborhood parks (defined as smaller than 2 acres). These are great places to meet neighbors, have a play date, and build your family’s community.  Quinine […]

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Super Mom

Our Super Powers As Moms

Peels of laughter erupt at our monthly mother’s night out as we debate over what superpowers would be most useful to a mom. “I’d like to be able to clone myself like Multiple Man,” muses one mom. “I don’t know– I’d like telekinesis. Diaper changing would be revolutionized.” “What about telepathy?” “No! Can you imagine being […]

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sc flood - columbia sc moms blog

Six Months After the Flood :: A Survivor’s Tale

Wrapped in a blanket in the pitch black night, listening with trepidation to the torrent of never-ending rain crashing on the tin roof, as the creek swells close by… Looking out the back picture window and the fear striking like an icy punch to the gut at the first glimpse of the swift and deadly […]

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police shootings and my family

Police Shootings In My Family– Anthony Hill

I used to be like most people. I thought the news reports about police shootings were sensationalism, trying to generate clickbait for profit. We thought we were immune, for no other reason than we watched these events unfold on a screen, the same screen that showed us far-fetched soap operas and sitcoms. On March 9, I found out […]

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schools of choice square

A Columbia Mom’s Guide to Schools of Choice

We are blessed to receive tax-funded public education in the U.S. Literacy is a gift whose praises cannot be stressed enough. And in addition to the option of a family’s zoned or neighborhood school, there’s a growing trend to have other options for schools. These are sometimes called magnet schools; in the Midlands, they’re more commonly […]

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