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When Facebook Isn’t Enough | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When Facebook Isn’t Enough

A Facebook friend photographed two pages from a book she was reading and posted the image along with a pithy question. Who knew prayers could weaken faith? My interest was piqued. I mean, whether you pray or not, or claim to have faith or not, that’s a question that’ll draw a facebook comment showdown. Sometimes they’re amusing, those […]

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When the Local Headlines Scare Me | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When the Local Headlines Scare Me

I am smack in the middle. I’m tasked with both sheltering a boy and equipping him to protect himself. And most days, the news ignites my angst. One recent Midlands story prompted a chat with our middle schooler. Since our conversations are always pretty straight up and blunt, it didn’t take long. I told him […]

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15,000 Diapers and Counting

15,000 diapers.  That’s how many diapers one mom told me she had changed in her lifetime. 15,000! I polled a few friends and this estimate was certainly the funniest, especially since she added “this is gross.” I’m not sure that mom had done the math, but I believe her claim is closer to the truth […]

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The Power of a Pen Pal Project | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Power of a Pen Pal Project

It was recently Universal Letter Writing week, which had me wondering: Does anyone still take actual pen to paper? So I did what any tech dependent would, I posted my question on Facebook: Anyone out there have a Pen Pal? It turns out, they do! And I wish I did also. Merriam Webster defines a Pen […]

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