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Potty Training Round 5 | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Potty Training, Round 5

When we completed potty training with our third child I remember shouting from the rooftops (OK, not really, it was just Facebook) that we were ‘almost’ a diaper free house. Little did I know that we would be embarking on potty training again … and then again. Yep, I’m currently on round five of potty […]

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Showing Up in Adult Friendships | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Showing Up in Adult Friendships

Over the past few months, my children have been placed in several new environments with kids they didn’t know. I watched as each of them naturally made friends and found their core group.  Making new friends seemed so simple for my younger kids. While the complexity of friendships increased with my older children, they still had […]

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Healing in Motherhood | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Healing in Motherhood

Cupping. It’s a technique some athletes use to improve the rate of recovery after training. It leaves red, circular spots on their skin due to the strong suction. In some cases, it can leave pretty substantial bruising. Reportedly, these marks can last several weeks, so it’s obviously a painful process. I feel like I should have […]

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Keepsakes | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Ways To Organize Keepsakes For Your Children

I thrive on organization. Clutter makes me crazy. As our family continued to grow, I realized keeping up with all the kids’ milestones, paperwork and memorabilia was getting overwhelming. I cringed at the idea of subsequent children not having all the memory books that my first children had, but I knew that was a growing reality. […]

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