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Severe Weather Tips | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Severe Weather Tips

Growing up, I had one of those “prepared moms.” We always had extra, just in case. As a kid (and especially a teen), I thought she was nuts. Why have all of this extra on hand, just in case?! Let’s eat the tuna! Drink the water! Live a little! Now that I am an adult […]

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Do You Suffer From Flu-Phobia?

FLU.  It is literally EVERYWHERE. I cannot open the newspaper (yes, we still get a print newspaper) without reading a headline about the number of flu cases and how they are the highest they have ever been and hospitals are full and drug stores are out of medicine. I cannot scroll through my Facebook feed […]

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BUY ME THAT! – And so it begins… | Columbia SC Moms Blog

BUY ME THAT! – And so it Begins…

I used to teach a class at USC called “Using Information Resources.” One of the topics I covered was Media Literacy. My students all hoped to be future classroom teachers, so in this particular lesson, I focused on advertisements and pop-up ads that are found on television during children’s programming and in magazines, comic books, […]

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