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I’m in a bit of a slouch lately. I’m exhausted. I’m tired. I don’t feel as though I am “mom enough.” So, for all the moms out there, feeling the stress, the daily grind, the sleepless nights – this is for you.

You are going to screw up.

And it’s okay. Your kids will most likely turn out fine. 

You are going to be tired.

And it’s okay. That’s what caffeine is for. And naps. And the support of those around you to help you out so you can get some rest. This too shall pass eventually. 

You’re going to want to scream at the top of your lungs.

And it’s okay. Take a deep breath. Walk away. Count to five and regroup. And if you still need to scream, grab a pillow and have at it. 

You are going to feel like the worst mother… EVER.

More than once. And it’s okay. I promise you are doing better than you think.

You’re going to be forgetful on occasion.

And it’s okay. No one is perfect, no matter how hard they try. 

You’re going to want to hide in a closet rocking back and forth once in awhile.

And it’s okay. (Not that I know from experience.)

Your hair won’t be done, your make-up will be streaked across your face, and your clothes may be from yesterday.

And it’s okay. Look around and you’ll see lots of other moms looking the same way. Solidarity my friend. 

Poop will be smeared EVERYWHERE.

And it’s okay. That’s what disinfecting wipes and hot showers are for. 

Some of us have to go back to work.

And it’s okay. You’re doing the best for your family. 

Some of us will have to stay home.

And it’s okay. You’re doing the best for your family too.

Our children will tell us they hate us, they don’t love us, that they wish we weren’t part of their family.

And it’s okay. Everyone says things in anger. Kids test their limits and are learning to handle their emotions. It hurts, but they don’t mean it. Give them space to work it out and then embrace them to talk through it when attitudes are more calm.

Our children may smother us with affection to the point of suffocation.

And it’s okay. While we cherish the moments, it is impossible to cherish EVERY moment, regardless of how loving they are. Everyone needs space from time to time.

Your child may go on a hunger strike.

And it’s okay. Your child will eat again eventually. And they will not starve. Promise. 

You may end up doing everything you once said you would never do when you became a parent.

And it’s okay. Everyone is an expert until they’ve been there. Give yourself grace as you find the parenting approach that works best for you.

We are not all good at this whole mothering thing. I know I struggle. But I try. I hope when my children are older, they know I did the best I could to be a good mom. There is no magic parenting book out there that tells us how to be successful mothers. Some of us have it built into us, and others, like me… well, we struggle a bit.

Stay strong mama. Breathe. Take a step back. And remember, the beauty that surrounds you. Of course, you may need to wait until the kid stops screaming. 

And it’s okay.

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