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On Boys :: The Truth About Reading and Writing

On Boys - The Truth About Reading and Writing - Columbia SC Moms Blog (2)The other day my husband announced to me that we really needed to start working on our son’s literacy skills.

I tilted my head and was like, “What do you mean?”

In my mind, our son is essentially a literary genius. I mean, he’s 3. He can do basic signs for please, thank you, milk, etc. All of which he learned before he could actually talk {thanks to some friends who encouraged me to teach my kids to sign, well before I was even married!}. He knows the alphabet in both spoken, song, and sign language. He recognizes letters and can spell his name: R-e-y-n-o-l-d-s. Seven letters, y’all. Genius.

Okay, so maybe not a genius, but for 3-years-old … I think he’s doing pretty good, right?

Well then my husband starts giving me facts and statistics about boys and how they are trailing behind their female counterparts:

So now that some of you are completely overwhelmed {some of you may be living this in real-life}, here are some things that I found that could help boys in developing a love/like for reading and writing, thus strengthening those skills:

  • Find things that are boy-focused: comic books, sports books/magazines, books about trucks, construction equipment, etc.
  • Read books aloud; perform the things you’re reading! This helps with that being active and having a LOT of energy thing!
  • Allow your son to pick out his own books, stories, etc. {Libraries are free!!}
  • Ask him questions about the books he’s reading: What does he see, hear, and think about?
  • Let him see you, your spouse, your significant other reading and allow him to engage with you about what you’re reading. {Provided your literary choice is child-question-appropriate…}
  • Allow him to draw things things that interest him, which might mean things like aliens! We purchased a big roll of white paper from Michael’s and have a can of crayons out for him to color/draw whenever he wants.
  • Draw with him!
  • Have him make up his own story about a drawing. Ask him questions about the drawing. Get engaged!
  • Have him help write thank you notes to friends {especially after his birthday}. There are several fill-in types out there, like these from Amazon.
  • Have him sign the birthday card for a friend, relative, neighbor, etc.
  • Let him see you writing letters, thank yous, or sending birthday or other cards {real mail is so fun to send and receive!!}.
  • Turn off the tv, the tablet, the phone, the devices!!!

I have no idea if our son will LOVE to read and write. We do a lot of the things listed above and will continue to encourage him in these areas. But ultimately a lot of it will be left up to him, right?

How is your son doing with reading and writing? Does he have a love for it? Please share any ideas with the rest of us “boy moms!”

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2 Responses to On Boys :: The Truth About Reading and Writing

  1. Roberta Eleazar August 18, 2016 at 2:28 am #

    You have an amazing son who is eager to learn. I have known him since an infant. I work at the daycare he attends. He does have a lot of energy as most boys do. When learning anything he is very attentive. He picks up fast. You guys are doing a great job as parents. Keep up the good work.

  2. Michelle Lucas
    Michelle Lucas August 18, 2016 at 12:59 pm #

    Thanks Ms. Roberta! We are so thankful for you and the other teachers who put so much into teaching our babies!

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