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Bump Diaries :: Month 1

bump diaries

Welcome to Bump Diaries – a new series on Columbia SC Moms Blog! One of our contributors is expecting, and here she will share her journey – the good AND the ugly – with all of you. It is sort of like an homage to the original mommy blog where we provide a peek into the life of a {pregnant} mom.

Two pink lines. One faint, one dark. But definitely two.

I sat in my bathroom clutching the Dollar Store test squinting to ensure the lighter line was truly there. I took out my phone that a few seconds earlier was counting down 2 minutes and snapped a picture. I sent it to a girlfriend with a handful of kids herself, “Congratulations, friend.” Holy Crap!

For anyone who has taken a pregnancy test before, and considering this a moms blog I figure most of you have, you know that false positives are rare, but do happen. I quickly downed some water and then peed on two more sticks.

Positive. And positive.

Honestly, I was a bit shocked. My husband and I had been trying for some months and I had consciously given up hope that this month was it. I only took the test because I had become so accustomed to taking one the day before my period was due. When I sat there clutching the pee sticks, my mind raced.

“Can this be true?”

“Do I feel pregnant?”

“Do I tell my husband right away or wait until I talk to a doctor?

Faint, but there.

Faint, but there.

Having had a loss this past year, I decided to call my doctor right away. I was immediately given an appointment for an ultrasound and blood work. Being no more than 4 weeks, the ultrasound did not show much, other than my “uterus being ripe for implantation.”

The blood work was drawn and I eagerly awaited news of my HCG levels. I hate waiting. It stinks. It is hard to keep your mind occupied when you are waiting on life changing news. When I got the phone call that my levels looked fantastic, I finally allowed myself to become excited about this pregnancy. And of course I told my husband.

The first two months of pregnancy have been ROUGH. My symptoms have included:

  • Severe exhaustion and nausea which I hope will only be temporary … How many times a day can one pregnant woman vomit?! 
  • Cravings (when I actually can eat) such as cheeseburgers (Big Mac’s especially), potato chips, Spaghetti O’s (I am not proud of this one), and the saltiest pickles available
  • Aversions: Being awake, cleaning products, eating anything at night (most evenings I am unable to eat anything other than a couple of crackers)

But, having experienced a miscarriage, I am grateful for each day I am getting sick. For each middle of the night trip to the bathroom. For having to already wear maternity jeans. I am pregnant!

I cannot wait to share with you all my identity soon as well as more details on my ever growing tummy!

In the meantime, I would love to hear some of your remedies for morning sickness. (What a misnomer! It should be called all day long sickness!)

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