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Bump Diaries :: Month 2

bump diaries

Welcome to Bump Diaries – a new series on Columbia SC Moms Blog! One of our contributors is expecting, and here she will share her journey – the good AND the ugly – with all of you. It is sort of like an homage to the original mommy blog where we provide a peek into the life of a {pregnant} mom.

Pregnancy number 2 vs. 1

As my second trimester has rolled in I have found myself comparing my two pregnancies pretty often. Like kids, no two pregnancies are the same and holy moly is that true for me.

My first pregnancy was a cake walk in comparison. Sure the first trimester sucked, but by 14 weeks I was pretty much over the morning sickness and moving on to that special glow.

This time around there is no glow … no end of all day long sickness … and no burst of energy.

Of course I am still so excited and grateful for the tiny bean occupying my womb, but a break from the yucky stuff would be welcomed. Here are some things I am dealing with this time around:

All day morning sickness: I was really hoping this would have let up by now, but there seems to be no end in sight to my nausea. The sheer number of times I have vomited is pretty epic. The mornings are still my best time of day, but by lunch time everything goes downhill fast. I have woken up in the middle of the night many of times as well to make a mad rush to the bathroom.

All day. Every day.

All day. Every day.

Headaches: Does anyone else suffer from pregnancy headaches that leave you so dizzy you feel drunk? Just me? Fun times.

Insomnia: Oh, hi, 3:33 a.m. It’s so nice to see you again. What should we think about tonight? The state of my laundry room? Christmas gifts that need wrapping? The state of race relations in this country? How about we play on Pinterest for the next two hours?

Bump it up: With my first pregnancy I was able to conceal my tummy for at least 6 months. So not the case this time around. I have a very distinct bun in the oven. I have been in maternity jeans for months now and have been shopping for bigger bras, much to my husband’s delight.

Flaky skin: My face feels like the Sahara. It is so dry and flaky I cannot slather on enough moisturizer. I have always prided myself on my fairly flawless complexion, not so much right now.

Hair: I think I used to have some? Now all I see is huge clumps of it in my shower drain. What is left of it is pretty greasy too. Maybe I should use some of the hair grease on my dry face.

Uncontrollable emotions: I know that being pregnant means you are a hormonal basket case, but good gravy everything makes me cry these days. I also have no patience and fly off the handle at the tiniest infraction. I thought these things were supposed to get better in the second trimester?


I feel you, Ron.

Pregnancy Brain: … I forgot what I was going to write here.

How did your second/third/fourth and so on pregnancies compare to your first? And stay tuned for my big reveal!

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