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Bump Diaries :: Month 9 {Baby Boy Arrives!}

bump diariesWelcome to Bump Diaries – a new series on Columbia SC Moms Blog! One of our contributors is expecting, and here she will share her journey – the good AND the ugly – with all of you. It is sort of like an homage to the original mommy blog where we provide a peek into the life of a {pregnant} mom.

We’re here. We’ve made it. I can’t believe that we are at the final installment of my bump diary. The past nine months have truly flown by. Okay, maybe not the last month of pregnancy … we won’t even talk about last month. But we made it and I now have a beautiful little boy!

me and fox

On Thursday, March 7, while sitting on the couch talking to my Father-in-Law, my water broke. My husband and I gathered up my half-packed hospital bag and made it to the hospital in about an hour. I was leaking copious amounts of water so the nurse didn’t even bother checking me as she could plainly see by the trail I was leaving on the floor that my water had indeed broken.

I was hooked up to the heart rate monitors, checked for dilation, and then brought into the delivery room shortly after. When my nurse came in to ask me what my “birth plan” was I looked her dead in the eye and said, “The only plan I have is to have an epidural as soon as humanly possible.” Honestly if I could’ve had one on the way to the hospital I would preferred that.

I was having pretty strong contractions, but was not dilated more than two centimeters. I knew Pitocen was going to be in my foreseeable future and while I understand the need for it, I did not want it until I had an epidural. Thirteen hours on it without drugs with my first born was no picnic. BRING ON THE NEEDLE!

It seemed to be a pretty quiet night on the labor and delivery floor so the anesthesiologist came within 45 minutes. After getting the very effective epidural, I was able to relax a little and later got a couple of hours of rest. I watched Dirty Dancing with my nurse, my sister came to visit and my poor husband tried to sleep in those super uncomfortable hospital chairs.

Throughout the course of the night I was made to switch positions in the bed as the baby’s heart rate dropped. I was taken off of Pitocen almost as soon as I was given it because the baby did not like it at all! I was hoping my labor would be a little faster than my daughter’s, but by early morning shift changes Baby Boy was still hanging tight.

Finally, at around 10:30 a.m. my midwife came in and started getting things ready for delivery. Unfortunately Fortunately, for me my epidural was super duper strong and I couldn’t feel anything! Trying to push was very hard, but after less than 30 minutes, my sweet boy was born!


Fox Dunnock Wilder entered the world at 11:15 a.m. on Friday, May 8, weighing 7lbs 2oz. I was overcome with emotion and instantly in love with the little guy. Mothers of two or more told me that your heart just grows when you have a second child and I now know this to be true. I am in awe of my son every day and love him to the moon and back.

One of the greatest joys I have known is watching the relationship develop between Big Sister Nora and Fox. Nora has been such a huge helper and genuinely loves her brother. Any fear that she would resent him has thankfully vanished. Although, adjusting to two kids has been quite an interesting endeavor. Mama’s of multiples, my hat is off to you!

nora and fox     Nora and Fox 2

I am fortunate to have a great deal of help from family and friends in the first months. When my husband had emergency back surgery two weeks after Fox was born, my village rallied and fed my family every night for weeks. Friends took my daughter for play dates and family cleaned my house so I could focus on the baby and my husband. I will be forever grateful for the kindness and generosity shown to us in these short weeks.

I am so incredibly blessed. Thank you for sharing my pregnancy with me!

How does your birth story compare?

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