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Going from Two to Three…

After having two children, my husband, Shawn, and I debated whether or not to have a third baby. For a few years, it wasn’t an option. After all, my son, Atticus, and daughter, Amelia, were only nineteen months apart, and for a time I had two in diapers and just making it through the day […]

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gabe at birth

Birth Stories :: My Experiences with VBAC (and What You Need to Know)

Birth is a funny thing. It is powerful. It is amazing. It is miraculous. And above all else, it is unpredictable. Whenever a gathering of moms or moms-to-be talks about birth, there are always different groups — cliques, really — that fall together. You have the “sign me up for a C-section!” group; the “all natural, no medication, out-of-hospital […]

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