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Don't Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise - Columbia SC Moms Blog

You are Beautiful – And Don’t Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise

Most moms struggle to feel confident and beautiful. Oh, they may catch a glimpse of those feelings every now and then. But they spend a lot of time feeling inadequate and unattractive – as if they don’t quite measure up. And the current election cycle has done nothing to help. Thanks to never-ending media coverage, […]

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pregnancy and infant loss awareness month - forever loved, never forgotten - columbia sc moms blog

Honoring the Child You Lost :: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance 2016

October is set aside to bring awareness to the roughly 25% of pregnancies that do not reach full-term, with October 15 specifically designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. We feel the loss of our babies, whether it’s marked on the calendar or not, but often it can feel as if you’re the only one remembering. […]

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Hey, Soul Sister - CSCMB

Hey, Soul Sister…

I almost hit my younger sister when I was 16. I didn’t throw the punch because (frankly) I was afraid she’d hit me back. Decades later we had another fight, in the middle of Times Square. We embarrassed our children and each other – all over where we should eat dinner. I swore in front of […]

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Talking With Kids About Fat ... It's Not a Dirty Word - CSCMB

Talking With Kids About Fat … It’s Not a Dirty Word

“Mom, you have a fat belly.” “Mama, are your arms fat?” “Your belly is jiggly fat, mommy.” “Why is your tummy fat?” “You’re fat, so you must be full, right, Mom?” These are all things my children have said to me at some point. Before you go thinking that I must have the rudest, most insensitive […]

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