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Mom By Default

Sometimes I wonder if I’m only a stay-at-home mom by default. Because I failed at everything else. I don’t really recall ever wanting to do anything other than sing and write, and I’ve never really had the courage to pursue my dreams. Everything I’ve ever wanted has always seemed too far out of reach for […]

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reading nook

Reading Nooks Made Easy

When I was younger, it wasn’t really something cool. I knew my librarians by name because I was there, at the local public library, enough to know them personally. It didn’t matter that I was only in third grade; they were my friends, my confidants and my mentors. They always knew what topic I would […]

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why don't they all fit

Frozen Makes My Baby Cry

My 2-year-old still loves everything Frozen. It brings her joy every day. Until it doesn’t. Here are 12 ways Frozen is ruining my toddler’s life…. 1. She wants to wear ALL the Frozen Socks, but only has two feet. And two hands. 2. I told her not to take the tights off of that Elsa […]

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When Maternal Bliss Isn't So Blissful(1)

When Maternal Bliss Isn’t So Blissful

“We’re having a baby!” For most couples, few words elicit as much excitement as those letting family and friends know that you’re starting a family. And for a woman, the rite of passage into motherhood is one of the most monumental life transitions that she’ll go through. Especially for those who have struggled with fertility, […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers are a simple and thoughtful gift for any occasion, but oftentimes it can be a challenge to figure out which arrangement best communicates your message. From welcoming new neighbors to expressing your condolences, knowing the symbolism and connotation of flower types and flower colors can help you in choosing just the right arrangement. Important […]

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5 Things to Remember While Crossing the Tracks

Halloween is just around the corner, and many trick-or-treaters will be scouring their neighborhoods for candy. It’s important to remember railroad safety tips during this time, especially in the dark! A topic occasionally overlooked, rail accidents (either trespassing or at a crossing) account for more than 700 deaths in the U.S. each year. In order […]

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