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Homeschooling While Pregnant - 7 Survival Tips - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Homeschooling While Pregnant :: 7 Survival Tips

If you’ve ever homeschooled during pregnancy, then you know that it can feel downright impossible. Struggling through morning sickness, exhaustion, hormonal changes and mood swings is hard enough without the added pressure of your child’s education hanging in the balance. Halfway through our first year homeschooling, I found out we are expecting baby #3. This […]

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Simple Words That Impact Moms the Most - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Simple Words That Impact Moms the Most

When I first started homeschooling, I was apprehensive about facing public response. I have vivid memories from my childhood of strangers reacting to our family’s educational choices. Homeschooling back in the dark ages of the 80’s meant that 9 times out of 10 the responses weren’t good. People didn’t know what homeschooling was, or if they did, […]

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Virtual Learning Opens Doors - Columbia SC Moms Blog

7 Ways Virtual Learning Opens Doors

Have you ever wondered how virtual learning can impact your family’s life in a positive way? Many families are enjoying their decision to delve into virtual learning. Flexibility, support, and vigorous curriculum are just a few of the many positive outcomes of this exciting alternative. 1. Customized Program Virtual schools are able to offer students […]

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Why I'm teaching my children cursive handwriting - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why I’m Teaching My Children Cursive

Because we homeschool, we have the privilege of deciding what our children are going to study and when. Some of that has been as straightforward as purchasing a basic math curriculum and running with it. In other ways, we have gone completely against the grain of modern education by choosing to pursue a classical education. […]

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teacher appreciation for homeschool mom

Teacher Appreciation for the Homeschool Mom

Dear fellow homeschool moms, It’s May. May!! That means we’re almost done with our 180 days. It’s almost summer, and even if you homeschool during the summer months like us, the schedule will be different, the weather will be different, and hopefully different will let everyone rest and relax and recharge their batteries a bit, including you. […]

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