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handling a learning disability

Suspecting a Learning Disability

Children grow and develop at different rates and we are stuck in a purgatory — reassuring a friend their child is fine, telling her there is nothing to worry about and “all kids do that,” but equally convinced that there is something wrong with yours. Whether it is a learning disability, or some other condition […]

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Columbia Moms Blog Post 3.11-girl_study

6 Study Tips to Make Learning Fun and Teaching Easier

From the teachers at South Carolina Calvert Academy. South Carolina Calvert Academy is a K-8, tuition-free public virtual charter school available to families statewide in South Carolina. To learn more about our program and view our schedule of upcoming events, click here. Testing season is upon us and the teachers at South Carolina Calvert Academy […]

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_Choice_ Season for Homeschoolers(1)

“Choice” Season for Homeschoolers

Early in January, one of our contributors wrote about choice in our public schools. January is the big month for public schools, when parents can visit and peruse and consider which kind of program is best for their son or daughter. What may surprise you is that January is also the beginning of “choice” season […]

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the best of columbia sc moms blog top posts of 2014

The BEST of Columbia SC Moms Blog :: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was truly an incredible first year for Columbia SC Moms Blog. We are so thankful to all you, our readers, who were right there with us as we shared stories about our families, highlighted all the fun things to do in this city we live in, and encouraged each other in the equally rewarding […]

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why we chose to homeschool

Why We Chose to Homeschool

I’m already seeing the “back-to-school” pictures on my Facebook newsfeed as friends across the country send their children off to school, whether public or private. For the second year in the row, we will take a “back-to-school” picture at our front door and then send my daughter back inside our home, where we will have […]

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homeschool activities outside the home cover

A Columbia Mom’s Guide to Homeschool Activities and Resources Outside the “Home”

When I was attending Columbia International University, I remember the Dean of Women addressing us in chapel one day, asking how many of us had ventured out into Columbia in the past couple of weeks. Beyond the Harbison Wal-Mart, that is. She was appalled at how few of us were taking advantage of the fact […]

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moms groups cover

Looking to Connect? Local Moms Groups Offer Friendship, Fun

When I found out our family was moving to Columbia, the very first thing I did was look for local moms groups. I wanted to know the good neighborhoods and schools, which areas to stay away from, the activities, the MOMS. Whether you are a new mom, expecting mom, new in town, or want to […]

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CC Foundations

Homeschooling with Classical Conversations

Back in February, Kristi P. shared some information about the classical approach to homeschooling. This is now the approach our family uses to homeschool our daughter in kindergarten, but we came to it somewhat backwards. This time last spring, I was looking into different homeschooling programs around the Midlands. I knew we could do it on our […]

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Homeschool…How? The Classical Homeschooling Approach

This is Part 2 in the “Homeschool…How?” Series There are so many educational philosophies and homeschool methods and curriculum out there it is easy to become overwhelmed when deciding how to homeschool your children. I am researching several methods and theories to decide which philosophy is right for our family. Then I’m sharing my research […]

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homeschool boy

Homeschool…How? An Introduction

If you made the decision to take on the responsibility of educating your child at home, no doubt you have been inundated with a ton of information. While researching homeschooling, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available regarding education theories and curriculum. The decision to homeschool may be a […]

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