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Celebrating National Craft Month With My Pinterest Fails

Let’s just come out with it: I have crowned myself Queen of the Pinterest Fails. Because I so actively embrace that title (while never giving up on my goal of completing one project correctly), I am going to tell you about several of my epic fails, all achieved while trying to come up with something fun to entertain my toddler. […]

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What's in a Middle Name_(1)

What’s in a (Middle) Name?

Here is some groundbreaking, how-did-I-live-before-I-knew-this information: March 6 is Middle Name Pride Day. When I was little I did not like my middle name. Growing up in Philadelphia, Mercedes was not a name, it was a car. When we moved back to Puerto Rico, it was a name, but not a child’s name. Anyone named […]

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Terrible Twos, I’m Done With You

There’s nothing like officially becoming that mom while your child runs out of the library with only one shoe on. Never fear, mamas of tiny manic terrors, you’re not alone in your battle! The struggle is real. I too have one of those kids who make other parents, grandparents, and the kid-less stare in awe and shook all […]

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why don't they all fit

Frozen Makes My Baby Cry

My 2-year-old still loves everything Frozen. It brings her joy every day. Until it doesn’t. Here are 12 ways Frozen is ruining my toddler’s life…. 1. She wants to wear ALL the Frozen Socks, but only has two feet. And two hands. 2. I told her not to take the tights off of that Elsa […]

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