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It's 3 a.m. and I'm Not Lonely | Columbia SC Moms Blog

It’s 3 A.M. and I’m Not Lonely

Dear Child of Mine; Your father is here in bed too, wake him. Love, Your very overtired mother It’s 3 A.M. and contrary to the song by Matchbox 20, I am not lonely. In fact, I am very much passed out, “enjoying” the small amount of space that your sister offers me (since she joined […]

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When Your Teen is Troubled | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When Your Teen is Troubled

My son turned 13 a few months ago and his behavior is spiraling out of control. Like a lot of parents of teenagers, I am at my wits end and don’t know what else to do. Last month during a visit with his dad, my son and a neighbor boy broke the windows of someone’s […]

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Myth Buster :: The Perfect Parent

Recently, it seems like everyone in my circle of mommy friends is having issues with their preteen/teen. Suspensions from school, inappropriate behavior, sassy mouthing, etc. We are all completely out of advice for one another. If you clicked here looking for answers on how to be “the perfect parent” and appropriately handle your out-of-control child, […]

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I Didn't Inherit the "Mom Gene" | Columbia SC Moms Blog

I Didn’t Inherit the “Mom Gene”

Y’all. Real talk. I don’t have the mom gene. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and would do anything for them. I just don’t think I was predisposed with all the mommy things. Here are just a few thoughts on why… I Did Not Enjoy Being Pregnant I get it. You aren’t supposed […]

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potty training girl

Selecting the Right Potty Training Products

We’ve done a lot of posts on when to know if your child is ready to potty train, how not to potty train, and potty training in the trenches, but today I’m focusing solely on potty training products. I’m going to cover the most common types of products and what questions to ask when sifting […]

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Sad Woman School Shooting

I’m Just Going to Say It…

In light of the last week’s events of yet another horrific school shooting, I have been afraid of making any kind of statements that could be translated as politically correct or not. But as a woman who is enrolling her oldest in the public school environment this year, I now feel the fear that so […]

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