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cinco de mayo

Creative Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Columbia with Kids

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which, if you remember your Sesame Street Spanish, means “the 5th of May”. No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo began to commemorate the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862, but it’s become a general holiday to celebrate All Things Mexican. Because a) Latin American […]

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hosting a nutrious and fun birthday party

Hosting a Nutritious (and Fun!) Birthday Party

In an effort to reduce unrefined sugar and dyes so prevalent at birthday parties, we tried some alternative sweets. While I do appreciate the celebratory sentiment behind serving sweets kids’ birthday parties, I wondered if we could stray away from unrefined sugars. This is in an effort to teach my kids how to minimize habits that contribute to […]

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breakfast picky

Creative Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Picky Eater

Are you the proud mama of a picky eater? Are the only foods they want to eat fried or an unnatural color? Fear not, the following recipes have been verified as “delicious” by my three picky-eating sons! You CAN successfully sneak in superfoods throughout the day – even with breakfast! Below are my top 3 sneaky […]

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healthy snacks

Healthy Sneaky Snacks for the Picky Eater

If your kids are anything like mine, it can be tough to get them to eat healthy – especially snacks!  Over time I’ve tried several different nutritious recipes to find things my children will willingly eat. Below are my top four sneaky snacks for the picky eater! “Applesauce” Smoothie (or “Superman Smoothie”) Ingredients Apple Banana […]

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st patricks

Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day!

The time is once again upon us to don our festive green and drink our Shamrock Milkshakes; St. Patrick’s day is here! It seems everyone gets into the spirit, and whether you have a “Touch of the Irish” in your bloodline or not, you and your family can easily enjoy one of the quintessential St. […]

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DIY Flavored Coffee Creamer

I love coffee in all forms, but the coffee I love the most comes from the gurgling drips of my Black and Decker coffeemaker every morning. I prepare the filter and fill it with coffee nightly before I go to bed, so when I stumble down the stairs carrying my 18-month old before dawn, the […]

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