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The Worriers Guide to Weathering a Hurricane - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Worriers Guide to Weathering a Hurricane

I’m what some people might call a worry wart. I worry about EVERYTHING. In fact, I’ve been known to worry about not being worried enough about something. Any single men who’ve stumbled across this blog can thank my husband for taking me off the market a few years back. The thing is, I could handle […]

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The Florida-Girl's Guide to Hurricane Prep | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Florida-Girl’s Guide to Hurricane Prep

 I am a born-and-raised, sandy-footed, salty-haired Florida girl. Growing up with a hard-core Floridian family, we almost never evacuated when a hurricane approached. Even though we lived just a few miles from the beach, we would simply board up, stock up, and ride it out. (Fun fact: the only time we ever did evacuate, I met […]

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Severe Weather Tips | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Severe Weather Tips

Growing up, I had one of those “prepared moms.” We always had extra, just in case. As a kid (and especially a teen), I thought she was nuts. Why have all of this extra on hand, just in case?! Let’s eat the tuna! Drink the water! Live a little! Now that I am an adult […]

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5 Must-See Padded Outdoor Playgrounds Around Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Must-See Padded Outdoor Playgrounds Around Columbia

The only thing better than playground time with your kids is padded playground time with your kids. I love whoever came up with the idea to add rubber flooring to outside spaces. Our children (especially the littlest ones) can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on these awesome, squishy-floored creations. We parents can breathe that […]

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self defense

5 Self Defense Tips to Teach Your Children

I recently took a self- defense class with my college students. As much as we do not want to think about needing to take a self-defense class, things happen. Just last summer a Midlands Tech student was kidnapped right here in Columbia. Recently, a man posing as an Uber driver assaulted USC students near campus.  […]

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New Car Seat Law in SC | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Share to Save a Life :: New Car Seat Law in SC

In case you haven’t heard, there are new car seat laws here in South Carolina. This new law is based on the latest information on injuries to children in car accidents.  Last year, the Charleston Post and Courier reported that nearly 1,000 people died in car involved accidents on SC roads in 2016, many of them children. […]

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