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The Day My Son Almost Drowned - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Day My Son Almost Drowned

Newsflash: it’s hot here in South Carolina. When the heat rolls in, there are only two sensible options: retreat into the air-conditioned bliss of home, car, or store; or venture outward and find any bit of water deep enough to cool off in. All the better if the water will be populated with friends and their […]

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The Day My Son Went Missing - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Afternoon My Son Went Missing

Moms aren’t perfect … and even better yet PEOPLE aren’t perfect. The mom shaming and people shaming on social media over the past few weeks is disheartening. I feel shocked and embarrassed at some of the comments I read. They truly are awful, and not always entirely accurate. I am especially reminded of this while following the news reports of the […]

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Why I'm Proud to be a Helicopter mom - Columbia SC Moms Blog

No Apologies :: Why I’m Proud to be a Helicopter Mom

Weekly I come across articles written by other moms bashing and criticizing what is known as a “helicopter mom” — the overprotective parent who is too involved, hindering their child’s independence. I have a confession: I’m a helicopter mom. My helicopter might be different than yours, and not all helicopter parenting is the same in my opinion. I’m not extreme […]

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teal pumpkin project - columbia sc moms blog

Teal Pumpkin Project: Protecting Those with Food Allergies

Halloween. Candy. Costumes. Candy. Jack-o-Lanterns. Candy. Kids. Candy. Trick or Treating. Candy. Every year it comes like clockwork: October 31. Halloween. And if you’re like me, there’s probably plenty of opportunities in October to attend multiple Halloween and Fall Festival events where you get to dress up your kids in their costume of choice and […]

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Reclaiming My Yard :: My Experience With a Mosquito Free Summer From Terminix {Discount Offer Included!}

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Terminix. Although we did receive free services in exchange for a review, all opinions and experiences are entirely our own. My backyard has always been one of the favorite things about my house. When I moved in, I was immediately attracted to the thick, green grass, tall pecan […]

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