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How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife

You’re burned out. The kids called your name about 3 trillion times in the last four days. Your husband, as sweet as he is, continues to load the dishwasher haphazardly wasting resources. The job is driving you nuts. You still have soccer games, that second job, and two kids’ birthday parties in the same day. […]

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Healing in Motherhood | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Healing in Motherhood

Cupping. It’s a technique some athletes use to improve the rate of recovery after training. It leaves red, circular spots on their skin due to the strong suction. In some cases, it can leave pretty substantial bruising. Reportedly, these marks can last several weeks, so it’s obviously a painful process. I feel like I should have […]

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Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas? | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas?

I remember the days when the house phone would ring. My mom would answer it and spend the next several minutes pacing back and forth in the kitchen (that phone had the longest cord in the house) chatting with her close friend about all the latest gossip and news of the community. Nowadays, we click […]

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Finding My Identity Mid-Life

I think it’s safe to say that most of us go through a period when we just lose ourselves. More specifically though, women can lose themselves after having a baby. Or two… or three. Understandably so, mothers just have that instinct to put their children first and take care of the family. You give up […]

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When Facebook Isn’t Enough | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When Facebook Isn’t Enough

A Facebook friend photographed two pages from a book she was reading and posted the image along with a pithy question. Who knew prayers could weaken faith? My interest was piqued. I mean, whether you pray or not, or claim to have faith or not, that’s a question that’ll draw a facebook comment showdown. Sometimes they’re amusing, those […]

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