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Two Things I Want to Say to the Mom of a Child with Special Needs - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Two Things I Want to Say to the Mom of a Child with Special Needs

For eleven years I worked as a Speech Pathologist in numerous settings. Most of my years in this profession were with the pediatric population. Some of these precious children were born with a birth defect or disease and some experienced a horrific accident causing a brain injury. Often times, I was immersed in the tragedy and difficult time in […]

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How Boy Scouts Helped My Son With ADHD - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How Boy Scouts Helped My Child With ADHD

My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was in kindergarten. Looking back, I wish I would have explored other holistic routes first rather than choosing medication. As a young, 20-year-old parent, I did exactly what his pediatrician recommended. Flash forward 5 years and he is still on medication. We tried taking […]

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weekend roundup

Weekend Events for Kids {November 27, 28, 29}

Friday, November 27 Snowville Children can climb Mount EdVerest, explore an ice cave, and even tube down Sled Hill, a 25 ft. long slippery slope sure to give thrills to all. Along the way, children will learn about the science behind the snow in a fun and exciting environment. Your ticket to Snowville is free with museum […]

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Columbia's fall festival abundance life - columbia sc moms blog

Columbia’s Fall Festival :: Helping Kids in Need

Fall is one of the best seasons to celebrate. We are entering a season where the weather is not too hot and not too cold. People trade in summer activities for football games and fairs. There are many walks, rides and other activities that raise money for deserving charities around the Midlands. One of the little […]

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5 Reasons Why I Love Living in Chapin

Welcome parents, children and adult. As a new resident of the Midlands 2 years ago, I was eager to get any sort of information on the area that made our transition easier. Where are the best parks, how to survive the heat, where to eat out at, etc. Among a few other resources, my search […]

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developmental delay

Is Your Child Behind?

I love words. Boggle and Scrabble were some of my favorite childhood games. My main “love language” is “words of affirmation.” Some of my favorite pastimes – reading, writing, crossword puzzles, blogging, talking with friends – all revolve around words. So it’s only natural I would be on the lookout for my child’s first words, […]

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