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If you haven’t been introduced to the book, Girl, Wash Your Face, written by Ms. Rachel Hollis, please allow me. I read this book in April of this year at a time when I was feeling mommed-out. (Only moms can understand the term, but if you are reading this as a first-time expectant mom I […]

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5 Must-See Padded Outdoor Playgrounds Around Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Must-See Padded Outdoor Playgrounds Around Columbia

The only thing better than playground time with your kids is padded playground time with your kids. I love whoever came up with the idea to add rubber flooring to outside spaces. Our children (especially the littlest ones) can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on these awesome, squishy-floored creations. We parents can breathe that […]

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Mama You Need a Day Off | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Mama You Need a Day Off

Now that the holidays have passed, the guests have left, new year’s resolutions have started (or in my case, already ended; RIP diet), and the kids have unwillingly gone back to school, things are calm. JK, you’re a mom, things are never calm. That is why now, more than ever, it’s important to remember to […]

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