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To my Childless Friends: My Social Media is a Liar

To my Childless Friends: My Social Media is a Liar | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Yes, my social media is a liar. Big surprise there, right? I mean if you believe what you see, motherhood is AWFUL. Here’s the deal, it’s not as bad as my social media portrays.

What the??

I am a stay-at-home mom of two boys. My days and nights are spent worrying over and caring for them. There is literally no time for me. I have no mom friends on my speed dial. We are all busy with our own stuff. I’d love the opportunity to meet every morning for coffee and talk. However, we aren’t in Hollywood and I don’t have a nanny following me around. 

I need an outlet. I need to talk to others, even if its through the WiFi of my internet browser. What you see is the bad … the raw, “I need to scream from the rooftops before I lose my cool,” type of stuff. The only person I have to talk to is a 2-year-old who needs anger management. Trust me — I don’t like doing it — but as you can see, it happens.

Yes, I know women have done this mothering thing for eons without needing social media. This isn’t news. However, here I am with this outlet. Why not utilize this platform? Trust me, I don’t share everything. You’d lose your breakfast right now reading this if I did.

To my Childless Friends: My Social Media is a Liar

It can be hard.

The Good

So yes, you see a lot of the negative aspects of parenting by perusing my social media. However, there is also the good. There are the moments after I click “post” that my angry little man comes up to me and gives me a random hug. And 98% of the time my little men are just amazing. They bring me back to earth as quickly as they make me lose my cool.

Parenting is, quite simply, a roller coaster. It has both the bad and the good. Some moments I completely understand why I was blessed with these beings. But other moments I wonder why they were blessed with the ability to make me scream at a moments notice.

To my Childless Friends: My Social Media is a Liar

It can also be wonderful.

What I Need You to Know…

When you look through your social media and see my fellow moms and me complain about our day, please remember this: we are solely responsible for ensuring our children grow up to be functioning citizens. There is a lot of pressure that comes with this responsibility. We carry a large weight on our shoulders every day. Couple that with the fact we haven’t showered in three days, and yes, we release a bit of our tension onto the internet.

Don’t ever think that parenting is a bad thing. It is the best thing in the world. Hard, but the best. You give birth to a person who is literally an extension of both you and your partner. You see yourself. And you know part of your heart has left your body and is now in this gift from Heaven. You are blessed with the opportunity to make the world a much better place with that little smush face.

Remember you are seeing the bad and ugly. However, also remember there is the 98% of the time that children are perfect. Please don’t judge us for the millions of pictures you see posted. We are simply proud of our accomplishment.

If you have been doubting your parenting abilities based off my negative posts, don’t. Whether you birth, have a surrogate, or adopt, parenting is awesome.

Nothing wonderful ever came easy.

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