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Classroom Trick or Treating Without the Sugar

classroom trick or treating without the sugar pinterestLater this month my preschooler will be celebrating Halloween with a Pumpkin party. There’s nothing cuter on Earth than a bunch of toddlers parading around in their Elsa and Superman costumes, completely jacked up on sugar.

Lots and lots of sugar.

Unfortunately, after the sugar rush of cupcakes and Halloween candy wears off I am left with a very cranky little girl. This year, I have decided to send my child in with non-sugary treats for classroom trick or treating. Not wanting to be that mom who gives out apples to a bunch of treat expecting kiddos, I set out to find some fun alternatives to candy. Below you find some of my favorite non-sugary tricks and treats.

“Have a Fang-tastic Halloween”

Bulk glow in the dark fangs make this an inexpensive alternative to candy. And what kid wouldn’t love glow in the dark teeth?

Buying in bulk make this an inexpensive alternative to Halloween candy

Buying in bulk make this an inexpensive alternative to Halloween candy

“You Light Up My Halloween”

Glow sticks with a cute printable attached will make Halloween shine! Kids can take the glow sticks trick or treating, or spend the day figuring out which room in your house produces the best glow. The printable makes this treat stand out with creativity and is a simple touch towards creating a unique gift.

Adding a cute printable to some glow sticks will light up a child's Halloween!

Adding a cute printable to some glow sticks will light up a child’s Halloween!

Play Dough Monster

A little construction paper, googly eyes, glue and some cans of play dough make these monsters a great treat for a preschooler. Trying wrapping gauze around a container and securing with glue to bring a mummy to life — just be sure to leave room for the eyes (or consider gluing them directly to the gauze). Remember to remove the lid containers first before attaching construction paper or similar materials to ensure little hands can open the play dough once your creature is complete.

monster mash

Monster mash it up with these cute play dough friends!

Monster Pencils

Your school age kids will love these monster pencils. All you need is some Halloween themed pencils, pom poms, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

First, remove the eraser by simply pulling it out. Then fill the area where the eraser was with hot glue allowing for a little to over flow. Immediately add a pom pom and hold down to secure. Add a dab of hot glue to the pom pom and place a googly eye or two. Allow to dry and then add a cute printable from the 36th Avenue.

googly pencils

Your school age kids will love these pencils!

“Who’s Watching You” Bookmarks

Looking for something to send in with your first grader? These booksmarks are simply adorable. All you need is black cardstock ,scissors, a hole punch, googly eyes, and some thin ribbon. Cut the cardstock to your desired bookmark shape, punch a hole in top and tie some orange ribbon. Decorate with googly eyes!

I might be a bit obsessed with googly eyes!

I might be a bit obsessed with googly eyes!

“Witches Brew” Bubbles

A small bottle of bubbles with a tag attached that reads “Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble” will make any kid squeal.

Looking for something a little less DIY?

Halloween themed stickers, stamps, finger puppets, and spider rings can easily be found this time of year at your local Dollar Tree.

Need to send in a snack to share with the class?

Individual cups of Mandarin oranges become cute little jack-o-lanterns with the help of a Sharpie!

Yummy non candy treat!

Yummy non-candy treat!

Do you have a great alternative to candy you want to share?


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